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Expert Service for Spalling Concrete Foundation

Expert Service for Spalling Concrete FoundationManor Wood Construction Inc. is the company to contact when you need service from reliable Baltimore concrete contractors. We offer a variety of specialty services, including addressing spalling concrete foundation.

We work with local home and business owners, taking care of their specific project needs. For over two solid decades now, we’ve been earning the upstanding reputation that we have.

Our popularity isn’t due to just our high-quality work; it’s also due in part to the fact that we offer services other companies don’t. When you require something like taking care of spalling concrete foundation, we’re the company name to trust.

Understanding Foundation Wall Problems

Addressing spalling concrete foundation is critical because taking care of your foundation is the key to keeping your home in good condition. As with concrete wall spalling repair, it’s a crucial task, but always more of a concern when it’s a foundation wall.

Here are a few of the basics you should know about spalling and dealing with this service:

  • Occurs as a Result of Water at Base of Foundation Vertical Wall
  • Moisture Runs Deeper Than Paint Line at Soil Level
  • Evaporative Moisture Gets Between Paint & Sealant Into Porous Texture
  • Escaping Moisture Also Leaves Salt Deposits That Cause Deterioration
  • Spalling is the Visible Damage That Creates Holes & Chips

The job is demanding because it requires that the damage be patched and waterproofed. The process involves painting all the way down beyond the soil level.

Not only is the work too complex to be a DIY task, but it’s also pertinent that you allow a trained professional to identify how far down to go and the extent of the damage being repaired.

Taking Spalling Seriously

The average person isn’t familiar with the term spalling; not every concrete company takes care of it. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that not many people realize how serious an issue it is.

In fact, when they spot the flaking, cracking, or other signs of spalling, they write it off as a cosmetic issue. Failure to address this issue will lead to much more significant problems.

Spalling leads to crumbling, and that’s as severe as it gets, especially when it comes to the foundation of your home or commercial building. If you notice the signs of spalling concrete foundation, get proactive, and call our team of Baltimore concrete contractors immediately.

If you are in need of spalling concrete foundation in the Baltimore area, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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