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Natural Stone Construction Services

Manor Wood Construction, Inc. offers a number of construction services to improve your property including dry stone walls, mortared stone walls, stone retaining walls, and flagstone walkways. Our masonry experts can also help you repair or replace the natural stone features of your landscape.

Before any construction project begins, it's important to have a good design. Our company will work with you to design your natural stone construction project so it enhances the aesthetics and value of your home.

We can't wait to take a look at your property and go over some ideas with you. Call us today for a free professional consultation and estimate. You'll love our high-quality workmanship and professional customer service.

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Dry Stone - Stacked Stone Walls

Dry-stack stone walls are very popular for landscapes. Instead of mortar to bind the natural stone together, the weight of the stones keeps the wall structure strong. Working without mortar takes a skilled mason who is familiar with this art form or the structure will be unstable. There are dry stone walls that have lasted multiple lifetimes which still exist today.

Our expert concrete contractors at Manor Wood Construction, Inc. are highly skilled at constructing stacked stone walls. Whether it's a retaining wall, garden wall, property boundary wall, or an estate entrance wall, you'll love our quality construction and the beauty of the natural stone.

Mortared Stone Walls

The mortared stone wall can incorporate just about any type of natural stone you prefer. It's important that the mortar joints are handled correctly or there will be problems with the mortar. Common problems include the mortar crumbling due to water pooling between the stones and the stones falling off the mortar. You can count on Manor Wood Construction, Inc. to build you a long-lasting durable mortared stone wall.

Stone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be built for aesthetics alone or to also help with rainwater runoff. They are particularly useful for property boundary lines for security and sloped properties to prevent soil erosion. Whether you want to build one for fun or for a specific purpose, a stone retaining wall is one of the most beautiful options you could choose. Call us today and tell us about your favorite natural stone. If you're not sure, we'll have some suggestions for you that will look wonderful with the style of your home.

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone walkways are a beautiful addition to any yard. The timeless quality of the natural stone makes an ideal pathway or sidewalk for a breathtaking landscape. Flagstone can either be set in concrete for a walkway, set in the ground with pebbles in between or set directly into the ground for a pathway. Let's go over some options today. Whether you want a flagstone walkway to go with your patio or just need a way to highlight your garden, we're ready to help you construct something beautiful.

If you are interested in our Natural Stone construction service, please call 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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