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High-Quality Concrete Construction In Baltimore

For high-quality concrete construction, you want the Baltimore concrete contractors at Manor Wood Construction who have more than 20 years in the industry. If you are planning to improve your property or build new, you need the construction to be handled properly. Manor Wood Construction is your go-to source for all types of concrete work whether it's for a home or commercial property.

Concrete can serve as an excellent surface material for a number of different features around your Baltimore property because it is very durable. However, there can be problems if the design and installation are not spot-on. Sidewalks, driveways, foundations, steps, patios, landings, walls, and more need to be constructed by a masonry expert.

Here at Manor Wood Construction Inc., you will have high-quality workmanship that is guaranteed to please. We never consider the job done until we know that you are 100% satisfied with the results of our work. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate for any type of concrete construction, give us a call today.

Concrete Piers, Sidewalks, Steps, Landings & Driveways

masonry baltimore mdWhen it comes structures outside of your home, sidewalks, driveways, steps, and landings are three that tend to be the most used. Concrete piers will be used to support your deck or perhaps even your home. Making the decision to build these surfaces from durable concrete is wise because it is easy to maintain and there are fewer problems with the material. For proper construction, call Manor Wood Construction and ask for a free estimate.

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Color Concrete and Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete baltimore mdWhether you are interested in painted or stained concrete, acid staining, diamond pattern cutting, engraving, or an overlay, you will be completely transforming the way your concrete surface looks. The results are extremely durable and easy to maintain, but only if the work is done right. If you are interested in this very cost-friendly decorative feature for your driveway, patio, or other concrete surfaces, call us to discuss some designs.

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Concrete Foundation and Concrete Room Addition

concrete foundations baltimore mdWhen it comes to new construction, everything depends on a good foundation. Our team of foundation experts work hard to ensure that your job gets done in a timely and efficient manner and always stays on budget. For more than twenty years now, our Baltimore construction crew has earned a reputation as a team of contractors that always deliver excellent quality craftsmanship in every job we perform from the foundation to the roof of the finished addition.

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Diamond Cut (Decorative Concrete Patterns)

diamond cut concrete baltimore mdOur masonry specialists offer diamond cutting for decorative concrete patterns. This engraving process can make any concrete structure look amazing. Custom cutting can simulate other building materials like stone, brick, tile, or pavers, or it can result in a new and unique design. Go with the team that knows what they're doing, call Manor Wood Construction, Inc.

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Chimney Repairs and Replacements

chimney repairs baltimore mdOur professionals can repair any chimney, ensuring that it's completely safe for use in your home, and we can also remodel your home to include a brand new chimney. No matter kinds of chimney services you need, you can count on the professionals at Manor Wood Construction, Inc. If you're using your chimney and fireplace regularly, it's very important that the chimney is in the best shape possible. Any problems that your chimney has can be extremely unsafe for your family and your home. Our professionals will do whatever it takes to ensure that your chimney is completely safe and healthy at all times.

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Block Walls and Footers

Concrete block is used to build many different structures, but you have probably heard of them being used for retaining walls and homes. Our team is highly skilled at concrete block construction. When assembled correctly, they are ideal for foundation and basement walls because of their strength and durability. Concrete footings are crucial to proper foundation construction because they support the structure and prevent it from settling. Whether it's footers or concrete block, we take care of the construction right.

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Concrete Removal

concrete removal baltimore mdIf you have a broken up slab, foundation, retaining wall, or any other concrete structure, just call us for concrete removal. We'll take a look at the project and offer you a free estimate for the work. Concrete removal takes the right heavy equipment and skill along with a place to haul it away to. We have everything needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Concrete Slabs

concrete slabs baltimore mdConcrete slabs are a very important part of the structure of any home or other building, so during any new construction, it's important that you know the slab is being constructed by a trusted professional. At Manor Wood construction, Inc., our professional concrete contractors have extensive experience creating and installing concrete slabs for all types of properties. We'll be able to guarantee professional service and high quality workmanship no matter how small or large the job is.

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Concrete Paver, Interlocking Paver, Paverstone

concrete paves baltimore mdOur high quality concrete pavers are the perfect addition to any kind of landscaping, and our expert masons can work with you to create the perfect hardscapes for your property. From paver patios to driveways, walkways, and more - both residential and commercial - our team has extensive experience working with concrete pavers, and we'll work with you directly on your project to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results.

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Retaining Walls

retaining walls baltimore mdRetaining walls can serve both aesthetic and practical functions in a landscape. They can serve as raised garden structures or they can offer complex support systems for hillside management. No matter how simple or complex the retaining wall you're building is, you need a professional masonry expert to ensure that it's long-lasting, durable, and high quality. Consider letting us install retaining walls for your property if you need to prevent shifting, sliding, or other issues caused by slope, weather, and etc.

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Foundation Repairs

foundation repairs baltimore mdIf you notice bulging basement walls or other foundation settling problems like uneven floors, it's extremely important that you have your foundation repaired as soon as possible. At Manor Wood Constitution, Inc., our concrete contractors can provide you with high quality foundation repairs to help you keep your property in great condition. We have extensive training and experience, so we'll be able to get the job done quickly, accurately, and thoroughly.

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Natural Stone

Manor Wood Construction, Inc. offers a number of construction services to improve your property including dry stone walls, mortared stone walls, stone retaining walls, and flagstone walkways. Our masonry experts can also help you repair or replace the natural stone features of your landscape.

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Stucco Services

If you need stucco contractor services in Baltimore, you want to be sure the job is done right or the results could cause significant water damage to the building materials underneath. Making the decision to install or repair the siding is a little difficult when you don't know the qualifications of the contractors you call.

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Stone Veneer Installation

One of the best ways you can improve your home or commercial building in Baltimore is installing veneer siding. Our stone veneer installation contractor provides quality veneer installation services in Baltimore.

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If you are in need of masonry services in the Baltimore area, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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