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Lintel Damage Repairs

lintel damage repairs baltimore mdThe masonry over the windows and doors of your building are usually supported by steel sections. Those steel sections are called lintels. They're fastened above your property's windows and doors to act as a shelf for the masonry, and while they're very durable, they're not indestructible.

Cracks in the masonry, humidity, heavy rain, and cold weather can all wear the lintel down. At Manor Wood Construction, Inc., our professional concrete contractors can provide you with high quality lintel damage repairs to help you keep your commercial property in great condition.

Our concrete contractors are all experienced experts who can guarantee high quality workmanship at every job that we perform. We understand how important the lintels are to the masonry of your home, so we'll do whatever it takes to keep them in great shape.

Call us today to schedule your lintel repairs or to learn more about our commercial services, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Signs of Lintel Deterioration

Most of the time, lintel deterioration manifests as severe oxidation or rust corrosion. If this deterioration is left untreated, the rust build-up will thicken and expand, which creates added pressure against the surrounding masonry structures.

You should look for:

  • Cracks in the bricks surrounding lintels
  • Bowing over the windows
  • Displacement of bricks and stones

If you notice these signs, contact our professionals as soon as possible to have professionals repairs performed.

Repairs and Prevention

Our concrete experts will be able to perform high quality repairs that keep your commercial property in excellent condition. We're dedicated to helping our clients improve and maintained their structures' integrity, so we always provide high quality workmanship and professional repairs.

We can also provide preventative maintenance to help keep these problems from occurring with your property. We can establish an insulated filtration system to protect the lintels from further moisture damage to protect your masonry.

If you need lintel damage repairs in the Baltimore area, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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