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Local Concrete Scaling Experts

drains baltimore mdDuring your time as a property owner, you’ll come across plenty of reasons you’ll need professional Baltimore concrete contractors, and concrete scaling is a prime example. When you have a reliable team to work with, like Manor Wood Construction Inc., there’s no reason to stress, though.

However, you do need to get proactive about rectifying any existing issues, as quickly as possible. For over 20 years now, we’ve been the local go-to team when it comes to taking care of this line of work.

We also take care of more specialized work that other companies often avoid, such as concrete scaling. Call us now and get the service you’ll need for your residential or commercial property, including concrete service and repairs.

Making Sense of Scaling & Taking Care of It

Concrete scaling isn’t something the average property owner is even familiar with and may not be looking for the signs. It’s defined as the loss of mortar, on the surface, or surrounding the concrete.

Several things can cause it. The standard freeze and thaw cycle are a primary culprit, but the use of deicing chemicals is another reason.

Think about how often a concrete slab is exposed to the free and thaw cycle, and then you realize how possible it is that you could have this problem.

  • Usually identified by surface peeling or flaking
  • Starts in small patches which may eventually merge into larger sections
  • Once it exposes the coarse aggregate, it leads to concrete loss
  • Resurfacing is necessary for large sections
  • It’s essential that the scaling is assessed and resolved by a professional

Just like concrete wall spalling repair, the issue should be handled by adequately trained and well-seasoned industry pros. In other words, give the job to our crew at Manor Wood Construction Inc., and have confidence in the fact the job is taken care of correctly.

Prevention is the Best Solution

Obviously, the best approach would be to avoid scaling or spalling from occurring in the first place. Some ways to accomplish that include:

  • Hire a Reputable Company for Concrete Installation
  • Avoid Excess Moisture During Mixing and Pouring
  • Care for Edges & Corners for Adequate Coverage During Pouring
  • Proper Sealant to Avoid Moisture Intrusion
  • Contact a Professional at First Signs of a Problem

Although there are online resources that make claims about repairing scaling and spalling being an appropriate do-it-yourself job, this is best handled by pros. Without proper care during the reversal of this issue, it could lead to worse problems.

Call Manor Wood Construction Inc. for concrete scaling service from established Baltimore concrete contractors.

If you are in need of concrete scaling in the Baltimore area, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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