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Professional Service for Brick Spalling

Professional Service for Brick SpallingManor Wood Construction Inc. is the local leader when it comes to Baltimore concrete contractors and has 20-plus years of expertise behind us. We offer a wide variety of services, including addressing brick spalling.

Our clientele is made up of both residential and commercial customers. We’ve gained notoriety for specializing in jobs that other so-called pros don’t want to deal with, like brick spalling and concrete scaling.

Your problems are our concerns, and we want to be able to take care of your service needs. So, when you’re in the market for a professional to handle your brick spalling, give our experts a call.

What You Need to Know About Brick Spalling

You’ve seen the results of brick spalling without even realizing it. When the mortar and masonry begin to crumble, that’s a big red flag.

It may start small but, eventually, entire bricks will crumble or fall out from a lack of mortar to secure them into place. Some of the most common causes of spalling are things like:

  • Improper Pressure Washing
  • Moisture Encroachment
  • Non-Breathable Sealants
  • Shoddy Installation Work
  • Bricks Placed at or Below Grade Level
  • Age & Wear and Tear

When installed and maintained correctly, the likelihood of having spalling occur is minimal. However, over time, the natural aging process combined with exposure to the elements can lead to this problem, no matter what.

Being able to identify that spalling is happening and then promptly rectifying the issue is the next best alternative to prevention. Partnering with the pros at Manor Wood Construction Inc for all your masonry, concrete, and brick job requirements is the ideal way to avoid problems from start to finish.

Taking Care of Crumbing Brick Walls

At first, the problem doesn’t appear too severe, which is why property owners tend to procrastinate. Unfortunately, once it begins, it can rapidly decline. Ultimately, the structural integrity of the wall is compromised, and the problem isn’t just cosmetic. More than likely, you’ll first notice the problem developing in areas such as:

  • Around stairs or doorways
  • Below window sills
  • Lower half of walls
  • Close to downspouts/drainage systems
  • Brick covered by soil/dirt

As industry experts, we’ll not only resolve the issue for you; we’ll help educate for future prevention. The best approach to avoiding spalling from happening again is to use a breathable sealant and use a quality drainage system to keep moisture away from your masonry structures.

When you’re in need of reputable service from Baltimore concrete contractors for tasks like brick spalling repair, contact our company immediately.

If you are in need of brick spalling in the Baltimore area, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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