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Block Walls & Footers Construction in Baltimore

Our team at Manor Wood Construction is highly skilled at block wall construction. When assembled correctly, they are ideal for foundation and basement walls because of their strength and durability. Block walls are masonry blocks made out of concrete which is poured into block form. Concrete block is used to build many different structures, but you have probably heard of them being used for retaining walls, basements, and homes.

Concrete footers, or footings, are crucial to proper foundation construction because they support the structure and prevent it from settling. Whether it's footers or concrete block, we take care of the construction right. With over two decades of quality construction service in Baltimore, you can count on the highest quality workmanship and customer care.

Let's get started on your project today. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and estimates. You'll also enjoy working with a company who provides:

  • Satisfaction & Quality Guarantee
  • Highly Skilled Masonry Experts
  • Free Consultations & Estimates
  • Two Decades of Reputable Service
  • Local & Family Owned

Block Walls

Solid and hollow concrete blocks are commonly used to build walls. They are very strong and offer superior stability to the structure we are building. They come in different sizes but are available in larger blocks when compared to bricks.

Block walls are quicker to build than stone or brick walls. This translates to a more affordable option that's equally strong and durable. There are many different concrete block shapes which can be used for specific designs and different purposes.

Every wall starts with the proper excavation and trench construction. Our concrete contractors understands how to work with these materials and how to ensure the construction is flawless.

  • Short Retaining Walls
  • Tall Retaining Walls
  • Basement Walls
  • House Walls
  • Raised Patios
  • Garden Bed Liners
  • Raised Bed For Trees
  • Planters
  • Steps
  • Courtyard Walls
  • Driveway & Estate Entryway Columns

Concrete Footers

Concrete footers are important for proper foundation construction or when building certain types of fences. The footers are normally reinforced with rebar at the excavated trench to ensure strength and durability.

Since concrete footers support the foundation of the house or a heavy wall, they must be constructed right so the structure doesn't settle into the soil. You can count on Manor Wood Construction to build the footers properly so they do the job that they are supposed to do.

If you have questions or need Block Walls & Footers in Baltimore, please call Manor Wood Construction at 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.

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