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Frequently Asked Questions About Retaining Walls

retaining walls baltimore mdRetaining walls can be a great addition to both commercial and residential landscapes. At Manor Wood Construction, our professionals can help you design and install the perfect retaining walls for your property. We know that your landscape is an extremely important part of your property, so we'll work hard to help you create retaining walls that improve and enhance its design.

Many home and business owners know that they need to have a retaining wall built and installed, but they don't know where to start. Our concrete contractors have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about retaining walls:

How Tall Can I Build a Retaining Wall?

There a re a few factors that determine how high you can build your retaining wall. One of the most important factors is the soil that you're building the wall on. It's important to consider the coil grading, the state of the soil, the slope of the site, groundwater, and the presence of surcharge loads. Our concrete contractors will work with you to design every aspect of your new retaining wall and ensure that retaining wall is built to the proper height.

How Long Will a retaining Wall Last?

We use only the highest quality materials construct retaining walls, and are concrete contractors are skilled and experienced. We can build a retaining wall that will be able to stay in excellent shape for the next 50-100 years.

Do I Need to Have a Concrete Footing at the Base of the Wall?

No, you don't need to have a concrete footing built at the base of your wall. Concrete footings can actually prevent the wall from being able to naturally shift with the ground. It's best to use a coarse stone aggregate for the retaining wall footing.

What Types of Materials Are Available for Retaining Walls?

There are many choices of materials to use for Retaining Walls. These materials include:

  • Natural stone blocks
  • Concrete
  • Precast stone
  • Man-made boulders and pavers

Our concrete contractors will work with you to choose the perfect materials for your retaining wall.

Want to add retaining walls to your Baltimore area property? Call 410-299-6638 or complete our online request form.